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Don’t waste your time. NoBIM Converter free construction data from proprietary software & formats ecosystem to use it in long-established data processing tools.  OpenDataBIM lets customers to fuel with data many business cases in construction, maintenance processes in standard and affordable way and automate processes with free tools

 no Revit to run     no API needed    no Dynamo scripts    no Revit export to IFC    no plugins 
 no txt file configuration    no shared parameters    no BIM formats    no BIM software 


  •         Revit 2018, 2019
  •         IFC 2x3
  •         Per user
  •         Lifetime
  •         No subscriptions
  •         No support


$ 70
  •         Revit 2018-2021
  •         All IFC versions
  •         Per user
  •         Lifetime
  •         No subscriptions
  •         No support


  •         Revit 2015-2023
  •         All IFC versions
  •         Per company
  •         Lifetime
  •         No subscriptions
  •         No support


on request
  •         All versions of Revit
  •         All IFC versions
  •         On request
  •         On request
  •         On request
  •         Technical Support



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Free app to run on a computer or server

Revit IFC Data visualisation

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Available on GitHub

Available on GitHub

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Data stored in its raw format

BIM 5D Solution

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About OpenDataBIM

Manager gets DATA


Q: Why OpenDataBIM converter is needed?

📉 It is everyone’s free choice: process data getting all the risks of the human factor by opening and processing each file manually or work with tools that build a Pipeline

What OpenDataBIM can do as best??

📈 OpenDataBIM handles tens, hundreds, and thousands of projects in an automated pipeline and workflow without involving BIM specialists

What is the concept of noBIM?

🧊 In NoBIM concept project data is converted into a large flat table for which a nonparametric geometry file is created. NoBIM is a concept of working with data from construction projects using standard known non-specialized tools. When working with noBIM, you don't need to know what BIM and specialized BIM tools actually are


Q: How can the data converted by OpenDataBIM be used?

🔗 With OpenDataBIM data table you can not only convert closed and parametric data into an open and understandable form, you can also translate “Excel processes” into blocks of code and create an automatic Pipeline out of the blocks

What software can be used to work with the Open Data?

⚙️ When working with noBIM you do not need to know what BIM and specialized BIM tools are. NoBIM data is designed to work in open and free data tools that have proven themselves in other industries. Working with Pipeline in the construction industry is not a theory, it’s already a working case


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