Interoperable format BIMJSON

The data quality and data exchange capability of construction organisations in most cases relies on the design departments and 3D-7D systems of corporations acting indirectly as trusted intermediaries. The imposed need for mediation by corporations, which have monopolised power over information, hinders the transparent exchange of data. The need to buy licences for individual solutions, increases the cost of exchanging data and sets a floor price for them, making even small exchanges opaque, impractical and not free of charge. 

We, a open group of several developers, offer a solution to the problem of exchange transparency, based on the universal data format BIMJSON. We are working on a solution to help solve the problem of transferring data from 3D CAD software (Revit, Navisworks, Bentley, IFC) to other 4D-7D data management systems (ERP, ECM, EPM etc.). 

BIMJSON is a format for transferring information to another party without the need for external guarantors or trusted ‘third parties’, enabling data to be exchanged within 3D-7D systems and between construction parties directly, bypassing any third-party companies controlling data storage and transfer. 

The BIMJSON converter allows you to store your data anywhere, for as long as you like and with a complete guarantee of access, regardless of external factors. You can open a BIMJSON ([“Json” or “Collada”, which make up the file) file with a large number of free and simple programs on any operating system. The new format therefore does not create competition, but complements existing formats that are used to exchange information between 3D CAD solutions during the design phase. 

The simple and easy-to-read BIMJSON format for 4D-7D systems complements the digitalisation of the construction industry, and the BIMJSON format scheme itself makes it possible to use free frameworks for working with Json and Collada format for geometry handling, thereby reducing and removing the barriers that exist in proprietary formats. 

With the free BIMJSON 3D data converter, the customer or the volume control specialist gets the data from proprietary formats without the involvement of the design department or the need for plug-ins, ODBC or API connections. 

BIMJSON is a data format, independent of CAD software manufacturers, with which basic BIM scripts are implemented to create transparent automation of business processes in a construction organisation. The new format makes it possible for building professionals to create automation and transparency solutions for their processes with free tools, SDKs and toolkits, allowing them to write scripts and programs without being bound to a specific CAD solution.

Translating models from 3D solutions into text format BIMJSON enables the use of git (and other version control systems) and the collection of information from projects in a uniform format to analyse them using BI, BigData and Machine Learning technologies. 

The BIMJSON format allows companies in some countries to circumvent the limitations of proprietary formats when they are banned from purchasing software products. Such restrictions carry risks for data already created, which can only be accessed with certain software licences.

Interoperable and transparent formats are an opportunity for any organisation in the building industry to optimise processes, improve efficiency, competitiveness and product quality. Open data opens up the possibility for programmers from other industries to come into the construction industry with their own ideas and suggestions, which creates a forum for the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and their rapid development.

If you are developing 3D-7D (BIM, propTechs, CAD) solutions and are interested in the topic of open data and formats, please go to the website to learn more about the project or to join this project:

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