Differences in approaches to working with data in closedBIM, openBIM and noBIM

🎡The basic #closedBIM and #openBIM data approaches for a dozen million solutions certainly bring joy and order to the world of #construction, but in reality in 2022 we still have a huge zoo of systems, solutions and formats that are very bad friends with each other – and sleepless #IT and #BIM engineers are forced to constantly invent ever more subtle ways to force the warring technologies to make a truce and start cooperating.

🐢 To mine data from models, we need a specific technology stack (which is shown on the scheme below), while the number of specialists working on a particular direction of BIM today is extremely small. At the same time, in other industries, with already proven tabular formats, the number of ready-made solutions and the popularity of the Data Manager specialty is hundreds and thousands of times greater.

📈 Despite the fact BIM ends up at the very moment, when the model is ready and you start the model data processing, model-centric approaches (both #openBIm and #closedBIM) force you to address the model via model-oriented software. #noBIM here is the game changer, being a data-centric approach, it shifts the focus from the model to the model data itself and allows to unleash all the power of data management tools from financial, scientific or any other area.

📊 Here is an example of an automatically generated report comparing two versions of a project from RVT files, which can be applied to hundreds or thousands of files without opening files or running plugins: https://lnkd.in/dEcxJhe5

The main differences between the closed- openBIM vs noBIM concepts are the following:
1. The data from Revit and IFC are represented in the same way
2. NoBIM allows to work on tens or thousands of projects simultaneously
3. All applications and scripts written for noBIM data allow composing automatic pipelines from predefined blocks in common tools
4. NoBIM does not require BIM specialists, the data is handled by data engineers
5. NoBIM is a concept for handling data from construction projects with standardized, well-known specialized tools
6. Working with noBIM, you do not need to know what BIM and BIM tools are
7. Any application or script written for noBIM data will work regardless of program, application or API versions
8. noBIM data is designed to work in open and free data tools that are already proven in other industries

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