VR and AR in Contruction

📈 The exponential growth of free game engine capabilities will change the #visualization and design industry beyond recognition in the next years.

🌊 Unfortunately, standard #CAD software rendering does not allow to achieve the desired visualization and at the same time the rendering speed with free game engines compared to standard visualization tools in CAD products has increased by tens of thousands of times. With the free engines #UnrealEngine and #Unity the work of the architect-visualizer and designer is simplified: changing light, finishes, materials and geometry is now easy and the result is visible in the final quality. The customer to whom you are presenting the building will be able to walk around the building,turn lights on and off, move curtains and furniture. The engine #UnrealEngine is also used to create meta universes: a 3D virtual world where millions meet online will become our key social hub.

OpenDataBIM is more efficient than any other CAD plugin or online conversion, since all files are processed locally in a standalone application. In addition, it is a good opportunity to convert many #IFC and #Revit files at once without uploading files to the server. You can use tools: Unreal Engine, #Oculus, Unity – for rendering, visualisations and simulations and other opportunities:

🌑 Unreal Engine allows you to create interactive 3D, augmented (#AR) and virtual (#VR) reality applications from 3D models
🌑 Visualizations or motion simulations of cars and people can be customized literally in a few clicks, weather and time are also easily customizable
🌑 Free engines also allow you to connect the algorithms of artificial intelligence, which visually allow you to play the simulation not on paper but in real scenes
🌑 Using Unity and the #ML-Agents toolkit, you can create AI environments that are physically, visually, and cognitively rich
🌑 With Unity #MachineLearning Agents, you are no longer “coding” emergent behaviors, but rather teaching intelligent agents to “learn” through a combination of deep reinforcement learning and imitation learning.
🌑 Unreal Engine programming languages allow users to actually create their own software (which may soon change the way we approach data tools)

Data in non-parametric IFC and proprietary RVT formats, but in open files (JSON parameters and geometry in DAE) gives the possibility to make a mold of the whole project and save all project data in open files, which do not need third-party algorithms or proprietary products to open.

📈 Simplify your tools, take the complex data out of your processes and become someone who can use open and simple data!

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