📈 Analysis of BIM data of tens of thousands of projects in IFC and RVT formats of different versions is a difficult task for specialists working in #openBIM and #closedBIM concepts, which allow to work and process only individual projects simultaneously. OpenDataBim will soon release a free app that allows you to collect dozens or hundreds of projects in one dataframe ⬇️

➔⚡️ To start automating processes in a company, you must first learn how to analyze the data used by specialists in the design phase

➔📊 In order to analyze data, it is necessary to visualize it, because with only tables, it is impossible to find insights and patterns.

➔🗃 In order to visualize data, one must learn how to collect data from designs.

🕸 The lack of rationalization in existing openBIM and closedBIM concepts makes it impossible to collect and analyze data from hundreds or thousands of projects. The problem is the tree structure of basic BIM formats, which does not allow multiple projects to be processed and analyzed simultaneously. 🌵 The lack of streamlining limits the flow of data, hindering progress in the industry.

📥 The OpenDataBim team collected ten thousand projects (12,811) of different versions of #IFC and #Revit formats from the public domain for analysis, with the goal of facilitating process streamlining and creating #Pipeline processes for hundreds or thousands of projects.

📈 By signing up for the #Kaggle platform and copying Pipeline into your account, you can work with the data yourself. 🔗 Get access to the dataset and Pipeline here: https://lnkd.in/eUuYdSeG

👋🏼 If you have colleagues who are interested in analyzing and processing BIM data, please share this dataset. If you know of other tools that allow you to analyze multiple projects simultaneously, please share in the comments.

Let’s optimize our #BIM (or rather #noBIM) processes! 💪

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