The construction industry needs interoperability

The construction industry needs interoperability Unfortunately, access to data in the construction industry has not become more accessible or cheaper. BIM data created during design in CAD software cannot be used in other 4D-7D solutions today without the use of expensive CAD software, complex plug-ins, incomplete APIs or the “not quite interoperable” IFC format.  The […]
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Opacity of IFC, openBIM and buildingSMART

Opacity of IFC, openBIM and buildingSMART IFC-format or, more specifically, its controlling organisation buildingSMART, under the additional marketing umbrella of Nemetschek OpenBIM™ (openBIM® – registered buildingSMART designation) is heading towards a global data format for the construction industry. Unfortunately, the buildingSMART organisation has de facto control over the development of the IFC project, and the […]
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Where did BIM come from and why?

Where did BIM come from and why? By the early 2000s, the mechanical engineering industry already had advanced systems for handling data from MCAD software. Due to the competition among the many data handling systems that emerged in the 90s, PDM and PLM solutions became the main platforms, to which the information from CAx (Computer-aided […]
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Interoperable format BIMJSON

Interoperable format BIMJSON The data quality and data exchange capability of construction organisations in most cases relies on the design departments and 3D-7D systems of corporations acting indirectly as trusted intermediaries. The imposed need for mediation by corporations, which have monopolised power over information, hinders the transparent exchange of data. The need to buy licences […]
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Storing information in CAD software

Storing information in CAD software The CAD-corporations of the world are proving to the construction industry with aggressive marketing (up to 50% of company budgets) that 3D-7D data creation tools are (will be) well implemented in their programs (Archicad-Nevaris, Autodesk-BIM360, Renga-PilotBIM, Bentley-OpenBuildings). To avoid annoying the large market of third-party applications and investors in BIM […]
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