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Automation of BIM reporting

The construction industry is a collaborative environment that requires data exchange and communication between different areas and applications. As information processing becomes increasingly automated, standardized and qualified data are essential for efficient workflows.

Verifying the quality of BIM model development is one of the key processes in the planning, design, and execution phases 

Almost any automation of data and processes in construction begins with tabular data, which allows you to break down the data into larger individual clusters from which the finished workflow is assembled. As an example of automation, let’s take the popular case of generating reports to compare different versions of a project. Having a project of different versions, we need to understand the difference in the data and how many changes have been made to the project.  

With the OpenDataBIM converter we convert data from various RVT and IFC project formats into unified and flat open formats 

Automation of BIM reporting is necessary if you:

Reduces the cost of the process

Reducing the impact of the human factor

Improving the quality and speed of decision-making

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