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BIM 5D Solution

BIM should be linked to reality and based on real data needed in construction and operational processes.

The benefits when using BIM 5D are the consistency and quality of the data, the entire construction lifecycle. It is the basis for checking the quality and efficiency of projects at all stages. 

Data Pipelines

We develop BIM 5D solutions that allow for comprehensive cost planning, procurement and execution based on the model. management tasks of construction projects and operations. At the same time ensure independence from specific BIM platforms through the use of open data formats and enterprise software.

BIM 5D Solution is necessary if you:

Calculate quantities using geometric data models (capacity planning, resources, personnel, materials, liquidity)

Evaluate implementation calculations related to real costs (costs of alternative projects, management of changes in the project, improved decision-making.

Plan the execution of the project and approve the subsequent implementation in the smallest detail before the start of the work

Execute construction control for all project participants based on information modeling of the construction process to accurately review current and forecast future conditions

Configuring Facility Management for the entire building lifecycle based on BIM 5D

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