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BIM ETL and ELT solutions

We develop standardized ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) ELT ((Extract, Load, Transform) processes for exchanging information between CAD software and your standard software. These processes provide workflow management for cleaning and loading data into your corporate IT systems, for example when receiving BIM models from different suppliers 

OpenDataBIM converter processes extract data from the source system, enforce data quality and consistency standards, match data so that individual sources can be used together, and finally provide data in a presentation-ready format so that application developers can create applications and end users can make decisions.  

Data Pipelines

BIM ETL and ELT solutions is necessary if you: 

Want to get cleaned data from CAD systems in tabular form

Integrate your IT systems with BIM platforms (APIs, Connectors)

Fill your Data Lake or Data Warehouse with construction data

Automate the reporting of construction projects with standard software

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