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BIM Integration API

The effectiveness of CAD-based BIM has already been proven for design and construction. The collection of data (geometric and non-geometric) about the future object makes it possible to make the right decisions in terms of processes with the help of BIM platforms. Unfortunately BIM platforms are too expensive, their implementation takes too long, and their functionality is far from the needs of all participants in the construction lifecycle.  

Integration of BIM platforms with corporate information systems for direct data exchange is one of the priority interests of the industry.

Integration solutions (API and connectors) based on the OpenDataBIM converter that we are developing allow the exchange of geometric and non-geometric data from CAD files (RVT, IFC, etc.) with any information systems that support common data exchange formats, without the use of BIM platforms: 

Geometrical - DAE, OBJ

Non-geometric - CSV, JSON, XML, XLSX

BIM integration is necessary if you: 

You automate your processes based on models (BIM)

Exchange information with partners based on models (BIM)

Add value in terms of quality and transparency for your customers

Optimize corporate IT architecture to support construction processes

Develop a cost management system for large-scale projects

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