Do you want to speed up the process of obtaining useful data from BIM models by 15 times?

OpenDataBIM gives you this for free
Prerequisites: Windows 8,1 or higher
Fully open source solution with unlimited ability to add new checking parameters

More than 80% of companies reported an
increase in project data

Disruptive growth in construction data

More than 80% of all respondents describe at
least 25% of their project data as unusable

Quantity does notequal quality

In more than 50% of cases, poor design data
leads to poor decisions

It's not just unsuitable, it's bad data

Factors of unusable and bad data

Construction data unstructured or semi-structured information including BIM models

Various closed and open formats of BIM data

Dependence of data quality on closed vendor products and human factors

Creating an automated pipeline for streaming extraction and processing of useful data from BIM models

Download our app and get unlimited benefits

Enhanced business intelligence

Timely access to data

High return on investment (ROI) from BIM

Increased query and system

Enhanced quality and consistency

Data warehousing and ETL: an
unbeatable match

Let's download examples of reports

Input: Projects in Revit and IFC formats

Output: Reports in PDF format

If you need help in implementing this or a similar solution in your company - contact OpenDataBIM

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