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OpenDataBIM Platform

OpenDataBIM in the Data as a Service (DaaS) model is an innovative digital platform specialising in providing Building Information Modelling (BIM) related data and information as a cloud service based on AWS S3

Download examples of BIM data in structured format

Data extraction Revit

Data extraction IFC

Almost any automation of data and processes in construction begins with tabular data, which allows you to break down the data into larger individual clusters from which the finished workflow is assembled.

If you have access to the CAD program database, you have the key and full control over the data in your company


noBIM approach

NoBIM approach to data solves the problems of versioning and API understanding of programs and removes the need to involve BIM specialists to work with data

In the noBIM concept, we get for one or hundreds of files simultaneously a complete dump of all project data as a CSV DataFrame table – a format that, without exaggeration, is the oil of almost any industry. CSV DataFrame contains all the information on the project, which allows us to use such “oil” in any business process of the construction company.

With this type of demo, you can ask detailed questions and discuss features during a personalized, 30-minute tour of OpenDataBIM, with one of our members from the OpenDataBIM Team (German or English)

OpenDataBIM AWS S3 Subscription Request


Q: Which is the best plan for me?

If you are a large construction company or you have special requirements for the converter to work, a business or enterprise plan is best suited to meet your needs.


Q: What does an annual subscription mean?

When you buy a converter, you get OpenDataBIM application with no expiration date, which will work with the current versions of the files from the vendors for the current year. This means, for example, that if you buy OpenDataBIM converter in 2022, it will work with all files created with Autodesk Revit versions up to 2022. If you need to work with files from future versions, you will need to buy a new version of the converter that will work with the new formats released by the vendors in the future.


Q:  Do I need additional licenses or plug-ins to run the OpenDataBIM converter?

The OpenDataBIM converter works without the need to buy third-party licenses or vendors. OpenDataBIM works without the need to connect your computer to the Internet. Also additionally in terms of buisness and enterprise, we support deploying OpenDataBIM on your or our infrastructure.


Q:  We need help with our project using a converter, can you provide it?

Yes, we have professional services and you can also contact our community


Q:  Can you deploy OpenDataBIM on Azure, AWS, or GCP?

Yes, under the Buisness plan we can give you instructions and recommendations, and under the Enterprise plan we can deploy the OpenDataBIM converter for you on any cloud provider that your company can use.


Q: Requirements for running the converter

The OpenDataBIM application has no special requirements. The Buisness PLan application runs on any Windows operating system. We can also provide you with a running version of the converter on Linux operating system at your request in the Enterprise plan. The OpenDataBIM application will run on modern Linux Ubuntu 10+, but to create a working solution specifically for your requirements you will need a description of the machine (Linux 64-bit is a must, it will not work on 32-bit).


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