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Checking data in Revit and IFC formats


⚡️ The tool allows you to check the parameters and properties of items from an Excel spreadsheet that describes the input parameters.

🕵️‍♂️ A key responsibility of the BIM manager is to ensure that the information is of high quality and meets the necessary standards for use in other systems. 

👨‍💻 This requires BIM managers to use data management tools and processes that facilitate data control, and to implement data validation and verification processes to ensure data completeness, accuracy, and consistency. There are standardized procedures and formats such as EIR, IDS, BEP, and BAP that contain tables describing validation criteria and processes.
🗃 Since all model requirements will eventually be described using tables, BIM managers or already Data managers will need tools that allow dozens or hundreds of projects to be validated simultaneously.
⚡️ The speed of validation is critical to the success of organizational processes. Manually checking several or dozens of projects is a tedious task that has nothing to do with digitalization, so BIM managers will need to learn how to automate the checking process with structured data forms.

📦 The OpenDataBim team was one of the first in the AEC industry to offer a free product for simultaneously validating Revit and IFC formats of different versions


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Checking Data Quality in Revit and IFC. Streamlining Your Workflow

Data requirements and design verification in Revit and IFC formats

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