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 no Revit to run     no API needed    no Dynamo scripts    no Revit export to IFC   no plugins  
 no txt file configuration    no shared parameters    no BIM formats    no BIM software 

Collecting Revit IFC projects

⚡️ The tool allows you to collect all Revit and IFC projects of different versions in folders and subfolders (or on the whole server) into one big CSV dataframe.

💥 To survive in these difficult times, companies in the construction industry need to transform, and to begin the transformation, you need process and data analytics. And there is no analytics at all, because no one has access to open and simple data in streaming form. More simply, no one has data that can be obtained automatically without the involvement of specialists

OpenDataBIM provides data from projects in a form that is simple and easy to analyze and process while allowing tens and hundreds of RVT and IFC files to be processed and analyzed. With our app you can easily specify a folder and subfolders, and the app will automatically collect all necessary files and convert them into a large CSV or XLSX file.

Our app is designed for efficiency and convenience, it can create 100 projects for each data set from all the files found. You can even choose to output the files in batches of 20 or 50 projects, depending on your needs.

If your company doesn't move to streaming data in construction-where you can transfer and analyze dozens of files and dozens of processes simultaneously-you will have minimal chance of getting out of this crisis without loss and surviving this crisis at all. 

💊 Say goodbye to the hassle of organizing project datasets manually – our app will do it all for you! Whether you’re a busy professional or a student, our app is perfect for anyone who needs to manage large amounts of data quickly and easily.


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We translate all possible projects, different versions of Revit and IFC formats into one table, which we can analyze and process in any tabular tools (PowerBI, Google Studio, Tableu, Jupyter Noteboook and others)

Webinar OpenDataBIM: CHATGPT WITH REVIT AND IFC. Get data without CAD and BIM

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OpenDataBIM Apps

  • No softwares to install (unzip only)
  • Unlimited projects
  • Desktop version of the noBIM converter
  • Terminal version of the application
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