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 no Revit to run     no API needed    no Dynamo scripts    no Revit export to IFC   no plugins  
 no txt file configuration    no shared parameters    no BIM formats    no BIM software 



Current version: 12.06.2023

OpenDataBIM converter is not a plugin or script for Revit®, but an independent stand-alone application that can work in a closed network without communication with the outside world. We don’t need the Internet or applications that require any additional components or libraries to retrieve data from Revit and IFC projects.

Using the OpenDataBIM converter, we get data from proprietary and parametric formats into a single representation of open formats:

CSV (XLSX) – parameters and properties of all project elements. Gives an overview of all item categories and properties. The format is extensible, it is possible to enter your own parameters without breaking its structure.
DAE – the geometry of elements, with linkage to the ID (the same IDs in CSV). Is a standard 3D modeling format widely used in the visualization industry for representing geometry and textures in various applications, including games and architectural visualizations.

With noBIM converter, we get for one or hundreds of files simultaneously a complete dump of all project data as a CSV DataFrame table – a format that, without exaggeration, is the oil of almost any industry. 


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What’s in a Kit?


OpenDataBIM Apps

  • No softwares to install (unzip only)
  • Unlimited projects
  • Desktop version of the noBIM converter
  • Terminal version of the application
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