Human factor or automated Pipeline

OpenData replaces complex and outdated processes

📰 Today, data in the construction industry awaits managers. To form into a table manually in the program and go to another specialist in the form of a report. Also, BIM managers and BIM Coordinators generate tables of information for other specialists who are waiting for reports. Closed data limits staff to obtain information and wastes time on the entire project.

The OpenDataBIM converter allows you to automate not only work with data, but also the processes themselves. Each project is transformed into a large table, the individual parts of which can easily fit into individual processes in any construction company. In OpenDataBIM, processes are lined up in Workflow and Pipeline and can start automatically at certain times. NoBIM Scripts created in Low-Code tools create tables and reports at the right time for you and send automatic notifications. Open data from OpenDataBIM allows all users to use project information without restriction in real time, creating a collaborative environment.

Visualizing your project data

With the help of free Python libraries you can group data from a project by any properties or parameters, for example to find data by volumes or areas of all elements in groups.

Numerous libraries for the Python language allow you to visualize data in any way and build open dashboards.

View visualization examples…

Access to Big Data and ML Tools

OpenDataBIM – allows you to automate work with project data. In order to get automatic data from thousands of projects automatically, you need to build the pipeline once on the open tools.

Get your data for free and easily.

Take a look at an example…

Working with classifiers and estimates using free tools

Work cases to
solve your problems

Creation of legally significant electronic documents

OpenDataBIM opens the door for building professionals to create automation and transparency solutions for their processes with free tools, SDKs and toolkits, allowing them to write scripts and programs without being bound to a specific CAD solution.

Use interoperability in data exchange

Interoperable and transparent formats are an opportunity to optimize processes, increase efficiency, competitiveness and product quality for any organization working in the construction industry.

Complementing existing solutions

The new format does not create competition, but complements existing formats that are used to exchange information between 3D CAD solutions at the design stage.

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