Normal Data World Vs Construction Data World

📈 To get started with automation and data processing in a construction company, you need process analytics, which requires data analytics in the first place. 🗝 Today, there is no analytics at all in the construction industry because no one has access to data in streaming form. Simply put, no one has data that can be obtained automatically, without the […]
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VR and AR in Contruction

VR and AR in Contruction 📈 The exponential growth of free game engine capabilities will change the #visualization and design industry beyond recognition in the next years. 🌊 Unfortunately, standard #CAD software rendering does not allow to achieve the desired visualization and at the same time the rendering speed with free game engines compared to standard visualization tools in […]
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ClosedBIM, openBIM and noBIM

Differences in approaches to working with data in closedBIM, openBIM and noBIM 🎡The basic #closedBIM and #openBIM data approaches for a dozen million solutions certainly bring joy and order to the world of #construction, but in reality in 2022 we still have a huge zoo of systems, solutions and formats that are very bad friends with each other – and […]
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