visual presentation of tabular data

Visual Big Data for projects

Any medium-sized construction project is a source of big data with hundreds of thousands of different elements, which in turn have tens or hundreds of different parameters or properties. Up from now to properly understand this data you can use the BIMJSON format to visualize all the information on all elements and its properties as a multidimensional point cloud.

Visualizing information from models


Seeing changes visually

In the first version of the project within the visualization on the left is the sum of volumes for the foundation Bearing Footing – 700×230 – 11 m³. In the second version of the project, the dimensions of the foundations were changed, which affected the total volume – 147 m³ of the position and is displayed in the visualization by an enlarged group symbol.


Visual differences

Even in similar projects that were modeled in the same project department, we can visually see the difference in the volume of the elements. Visualization allows you to clearly see all the information on the projects and the differences in parameters in different groups


Find data outliers and insights

Such a visual matrix of projects can be compared to a snapshot of the lung or unique DNA of a particular project or project area.

Having a large base of such images (or DNA), we can by similarity (approximation), as machine algorithms do it from lung images or images of people for lidars, to determine cost or time characteristics for similar parts or whole new projects that will consist of similar pieces of old projects.

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